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I'm really sorry for making a topic twice in a row,I'm guessing it's not allowed,I really don't know,but I want to be unbanned since the reason I was banned for isn't cheating,as ZETUC told me I had too many .cfg files and .dll files,and currently since I was trying to get a new report after deleting all the .cfg and .dll files my wargods was crashing and I've got banned from too much spam trying to test wargods,but pretty much I didn't have any norecoil.cfg or wh or aim so I'm pretty sure the new wargods isn't needed as much..If it is I will try to screenshot it and give it.

And here is the old one I was asked for from Kakashi while playing: https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1650745

I've made a new topic since no one actually helped me with the last one,I've messaged ZETUC but he said he can't do nothing since Squid has locked the topic so I've made a new one,I'm really sorry if it's not allowed to do so I did not know..Squid told me to make an unban request.

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