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Cerere Admin - apper

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Nickname: apper

Primele 7 cifre din CNP: //

Varsta: 13

Experienta admin: Of course, i have been admin on other servers too.

 Ai citit regulamentul: Am citit si nu am înțeles nimic ( used google translate ofc )

Link de la gametracker cu ore: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/csgo.devilcs.ro:27015/top_players/?query=apper

This is my second account becouse i had a ban problem and it took my playing time on server https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/csgo.devilcs.ro:27015/top_players/?query=Frederick

Admin noapte/zi: Noapte ( night )

Ti-ai rezervat numele pe reznick? (https://www.devilcs.ro/reznick/register.php) da

Alte precizari: I applied with know that i will might be rejected becouse i dont know romanian, but with my days which i played on this server i learned some romanian words and there are admins who wants to help me to learn more about it. And there are much players from Serbia,Bosnia,America and other balkan countrys. I know good English and some other Languages and that might help me.

I will ask admins or use google translate to faster learn romanian if i will get accepted.

Thanks for your time and have fun 😄

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Rejected,it's hard for you to be admin here because more people who playing on the server is speaking just romanian,and if you request something in english they will not understand,sorry.


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