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still no one did help me..

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I do know that this is the wrong place for this topic but I do not know where am I supposed to put this type of a topic..

I was playing on the server with the name "kqly" but an older member that I didn't know existed named "KQLY" went on the nickrez thing and reserved his nickname..

Now I know I'm not banned,I'm playing on the server with a new name of "kuqly" but as I asked once politely I want my stuff from the "kqly" account back to me..

I had 21k $ in devilwallet,rank silver 3,ak anubis,ak soviet,m9 bayo lore,m4 lore.. I hope there is a way that you can see I had all those skins and that I'm not lying.

All I want is to get my stuff back,hope it's possible to do and as soon as possible I hope :))


P.S. I've already made a similair topic to this one here but it got deleted,hope it wont happen with this one too.. 🙂

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When you see me on the server contact me and you will receive all of your items because it's your work for them and we respect this,please contact me on the server.


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