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request for unban

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Your name:Slob0

Admin Name:Ionela

Your IP:


Proof (SS / Video):i dont have


Other arguments:so i was playing and it slayed me and tp me to spec,and she/he says to post pictures on imagur so i goes on imagur and go to cstrike and there wasnt any ss and i asked them they says i need to ss+scan i did scan i was blue and i says him i dont have ss in cstrike and asked them to i give anydesk to they check im not lying and he banned me, i think it not right bcs im not hacking and i wanted to give ss but in my cs folder there wasnt any ss,and yes like half year ago i had some red scans bcs i was dumb but im not hacking and here is wg https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1794154 like i said if i had that ss in my cstrike i would upload it bcs im clean player....

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